Award Winning Animatronics

LifeFormations is a multiple-award winning creator of over 1500 animatronic figures over the past 20 years. They range from miniature humans to giant animals. We are able to create animatronics in a variety of styles utilizing a wide range of methods for appearace, show control and integration with other attraction elements.

We offer the complete range of movement types: from simple digital to highly complex compliant analog. We use both industry standard control systems (i.e. Gildefluke, Stumpfl, etc.) as well as our own custom configured control systems. This allows us to provide the best possible control system package for each project on which we work.

Animatronic methodology

Project Review and Reference Identification: A review of how the animatronic figure will interact with any props, its environment including other figures or media, and the storyline. References are identified or created for the degree of movement the figure will have, the appearance, and the integration into the overall scene.

The design team explores the best pose for the figure, selects each movement that will contribute to the overall performance of the armature based on an outline or completed script, selects hair, skin, and costume swatches, and specifies the control system.

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Featured Projects

  • The Walt Disney Company – Orlando, Florida
  • Jekyll and Hyde Pub – New York City, NY
  • Big Yummy - COSI, Columbus Ohio
  • Midmark Trade Show Booth - Midmark, Versailles, OH
  • Health Royale - Sunrise Science Center, Charleston, WV
  • Ancient Sailor - Europa Park, Rust, Germany
  • Cabela’s – Multiple locations throughout United States
  • Dr. Pepper – Dr. Pepper Museum, Waco, TX
  • Rolling Hills Museum – Salina, KS
  • Wild Kingdom – Quest Arena, Omaha, NE
  • Great Wolf Lodges - Various Locations (click for more)