Architectural Elements | Nationwide Children's Hospital



Colorful hallway "niche" dioramas are integrated into the walls on every patient floor in the hospital. Each floor had niches that represented each of the four seasons, and there were twelve different combinations of color/animal schemes. The Niches were fabricated with a wide variety of materials and processes. Brightly colored Background Graphics were direct printed on thin pvc and contoured to the interior curved structure of the inset cases; All of the layers of plants and "flora" were laser cut aluminum to preserve the intricate detail, then painted in a monochrome finish. The critters, (Crickets, Frogs, Butterflies, Ants, Mice, etc.) were direct printed and water-jet cut, to prevent burning of the edges and preserve the detail and color of the printed graphic.

Several other elements were provided to hep carry the theme throughout the hospital including giant animated birdhouses which adorn the towering stylized trees in the lobby area and come to life throughout the day to entertain visitors. The theme even carries into the parking garage area where guests are greeted with oversized stylized acorns as they enter the facility. 















Services provided:

Graphic Production • Digital and Traditional Sculpting • Milling • Artistic Finishing • Mechanical Fabrication • Custom Show Control System Assembly & Programming • Installation