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Health Royale is one of the most interactive autonomous animatronic shows created to date. The game is based on the simple game of trivia tic tac toe. Players choose a square by touching the corresponding square on their touchscreen. Skully, the skeleton host, then asks a question of the 3-foot tall animatronic body part that occupies the chosen square. 

The player can then agree or disagree with the answer. A correct answer wins them the square, an incorrect one gives it to their opponent. Wisecracks and bantering back and forth help keep the game entertaining for everyone.


Speaking technically, this exhibit contains 12 games of varying degrees of difficulty, and over 130 minutes of possible scripts (questions, answers, jokes, etc.) that can be instantly accessed depending on what the player is...or is not...doing. Once accessed, 6 control systems synchronize 100 different control points, 12 channels of audio, as well as lighting cues and special effects allowing the entire exhibit to appear to be alive.





















Services Provided:

Tradiitonal Sculpting • Animatronic Fabrication • Themed Show Set Production • Artistic Finishing • Interactive Game & Control System Development • Show Lighting & Programming • Interactive & Animatronic Programming • Audio Editing • Installation