Static & Animatronic Figures | Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum



For the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, LifeFormations created 48 lifelike figures representing key moments in the life of Abraham Lincoln. The exhibits are fully immersive, and museum guests are encouraged to walk through the life-size dioramas and even pose in photos with historical figures from Lincoln’s life. For such a direct guest experience, it is necessary for the museum team to be able to remove any part of the figure in case of damage by a visitor. LifeFormations provided the on-site team with spare parts and designed all of the figures for easy maintenance with replaceable parts that can be switched out without altering the dynamic pose.

Historical accuracy was of the upmost importance, and every costume is thought of as a piece of history. Our team worked with antique fabric houses to collect and verify fabrics used in the custom costumes. This ensured museum visitors received the most authentic historical experience.

Since opening in April 2005, the museum has consistently ranked as the most visited state-controlled presidential museum in the U.S. and has been honored with an award for Outstanding Achievement from the Themed Entertainment Association.


The Lincoln Museum features a very sensitive subject in our nation’s history, slave auctioning. To communicate the emotional agony of the slaves, we rendered the slave figures in high detail, with lifelike expressions and created the auctioneers as monochromatic, grey figures. This visual technique focuses the visitor on the slaves’ experience. In the world of immersive exhibit design, this scene has become a touchstone for how to sensitively explore an emotional story.


Services provided:

Figures • Custom Sculpting • Custom Fabrication • Costuming • Historic Interpretation • Installation